Meme Censorship? WTF


(Image: Original source unknown. Sourced from

So Pepe The Frog’s likeness is now black listed by the Anti-Defamation League as it is responsible for ” spreading bigotry and harassing users” according to the ADL’s CEO.

The thing is, it’s so difficult to actually censor memes because they are called memes for a reason. It draws from the original meaning of “memetics” which refer to behaviour traits passed on by generation in hereditary studies. Essentially, image macros and ‘memes’ are behaviours that are passed on user to user and are modified down the track to fit certain audiences.

They’re also very representative of freedom of speech. They convey messages that are catered to a niche audience and are constantly built on to adapt to whichever audience they need to communicate to.

Essentially, they’re people power, democratic power that has no special interests or big media propaganda embedded into them.

This is probably why it’s banned, because it has the power to change people’s perceptions of elections and the ADL, being strongly anti-racist, don’t want this content to actually get to people’s understanding of politics.

This goes against freedom of speech because, racist or not, it needs to be there as part of the diversity of opinion in political forums and discourse.


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