Safe Spaces on campus

Safe spaces used to be a term to establish consideration for ideas during meetings and creative discussion.

What we associated with safe spaces  was collaborative effort that isn’t suppressed by that guy who thinks your idea is stupid.

It would be used in settings like determining what the motto for your student society would be, or discussing ideas of a story line for your Youtube skits. Safe spaces were meant to be temporary and arbitrary.

Now people are pushing that idea of safe spaces to become something that literally hinders freedom of speech

Many colleges in America are pushing the idea of safe spaces as a space where you can’t be offended or triggered.

That might be acceptable since there are students that have clinical Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or have had a traumatic experience in their life and don’t want to relive certain moments of their life through a trigger.

However, in today’s political dialogue on campus, this is not the case.

Back in November 2014, there was a debate on abortion at Oxford University in Christ Church, UK. It was later cancelled because the student union believed it was wrong due to the debaters being both male.

This alone does not indicate something to do with spaces until we heard the president of the Student Union saying, “It clearly makes the most sense for the safety — both physical and mental — of the students who live and work in Christ Church.”

The intentions are clear, having debate or engaging in opinion about something people disagree with has the potential to “harm” people’s physical and mental state according to pro-safe space activists.


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