White Privilege: Does it exist?

It determines who are the racists and the victims, who are the privileged and the oppressed and who are the ones you shouldn’t be listening to… and that’s why it’s completely ridiculous when talking politics.

The idea of white privilege is a materialist view pushed by Marxist theories. Marxist theory is like a victim vs. the oppressor way of seeing things and attempts to lift up the victim while pushing down the oppressor.

In this case the oppressor is the white race.

You see where I am going here? So now the whites are viewed as oppressors, so automatically they should be seen as that in political discourse and ultimately not listened to.

There’s no room for this in political discourse.

This way of thinking does not value free speech but instead goes against the diversity of ideas that we need in political discourse.

By creating an us vs. them mentality, we’ve disadvantage those that may benefit from others.

It’s like in school where if you don’t put your hand up and ask a question a lot of people will go without an answer they might be too scared to ask. Only then, instead of putting your hand up, you’re voicing your opinion.

This is the same as the term “mansplaining” where men explaining something is seen as demeaning. It’s useless race-baiting/gender-baiting that gets nowhere except alientating people that just want to help the cause.

All in all, these labels are just a way of distracting everyone from diverse dialogue and discussion in politics.


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