3 Simple Steps on How to pick someone to vote for

It’s hard knowing that the only source you have for information about a political candidate is mainstream news and social media.

Here are 3 steps to actually have a decent overarching view on future election campaigns.

1. Read direct sources like campaign websites and their fiscal budgets first and compare.

Forget about mainstream news and see how the candidates and their campaign team actually frame their policies.

The reason why is that mainstream media will frame it in a way that’s positive or negative of the candidate but away from the candidates intention. Sure the news outlets do provide facts and figures as well as impacts on certain policies but we shouldn’t look to the news first. You need to see where each candidate and the party they represent stands on certain issues. If you don’t understand this first, instead of voting Labor or Liberal you’ll just be aligning yourself with a news channel’s view rather than your own assessment of a candidate.

2. Reports, impact statements and leaks are your friend.

I know reports and impact statements and even trawling through Wikileaks is boring but it’s essential.

Read at least their executive summaries and a few numbers and figures that pop up. Read a few Wikileaks cables as well. Right now, Wikileaks cables have been responsible for giving the Hillary Campaign a hard time… Do you think the mainstream media would cover that?

3. You can finally watch the news

After… AND ONLY AFTER… you follow the first two steps, you can finally watch the news, read newspapers, read the SMH and do whatever you want.

After that, then you can finally have an educated view on which newscasters and channels are lying to you, and which one are telling the truth.


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