Sonia Kruger: Revisited

Should you be angry at Sonia Kruger or supportive for her view to halt Muslim immigration?

We all have the right to be angry or supportive. The 19th Article stands for free speech but we also stand for enriching political discourse. Here are a couple of Tweets when searching her name.



Now these people had the right to their opinion, but what we also have to take into account is the ability for social media to promote call to action. Tweets like this lead to consequences to Sonia Kruger such as loss of sponsorship and even damages to her career when they have nothing to do with her political views.

They also are part of cultivating the atmosphere of knee-jerk condemnation of views. The left experience this; whenever they have a rally, the patriots show up out of nowhere.

Why are we pushing the idea that she’s a racist and a bigot who should not be a host for The Voice or advance her career? Shouldn’t she be seen as a strong woman role model who is able to voice her opinion just as men do? Andrew Bolt does it on a regular basis, Paul Murray does it, right wing politicians do it. They end up as players in political talk and end up forging opinion and a following.

Let’s look beyond calling her racist for a moment.

Currently Europe is being swamped with fairly consistent terror attacks caused by extreme conservative Sunni Muslims as well as small assaults. Suburbs like Lakemba have the extreme minority of Sunni Muslims abusing Shia Muslims on the streets. We’re seeing lone wolf operations being shut down and their participators prosecuted every few weeks.

Wouldn’t it be natural to have some concern worth expressing because there are ‘case in points’ she can bring up?

She never said “deport all Muslims” or anything that targets any of them living here. She just said she agreed to having our borders closes to Muslim migration. Of course she’s not a politician, nor is she an expert on the dynamics of immigration but we should not cultivate this atmosphere of condemnation for certain views by labelling everyone as a ‘bigot’.

Why can’t we engage in political talk?

Push statistics, understand ideology, talk case studies, study a bit of history. It’s way better than knee jerk reactions of calling someone a ‘bigot racist’.

I don’t care if this blog doesn’t do anything. Everyone has the right to label and name call but let’s just do something different.

Keep your eyes peeled.


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